This is the second time writing this. Last time the WiFi went down as I posted. An hours work waisted I was tired. Only one thing to do.... Phone Anne.

The night before was great talking to everyone. Sharing ideas and experience. Vernon had become a flat earther. He enthusiastically tried to explain his reasons. However, no matter how much I tried I couldn't get to grips with the idea. Nice try Vernon. I enjoyed the debate.

Up at 7. In Youth Hostels, spare food is put on a free shelf. A group had left 3 boxes of corn flakes, a nice alternative to porridge. Had arranged to walk to town with Will as he was getting the train. Said farewell to Francis who was coast running the other way, and will be going home to make a.burns night meal, the other person was going to an interview to manage the seven sisters national park. Will was a member of the cycle. 300,000 club. Members cycle round the world. My 10,000 cycle miles in 50 years felt punny. After a walk to the sea to absorb time we departed at the station. Today I could sit in Weatherspoons, and read the paper etc. After 2 hours I was bored. How do people do that. This day I was looking forward to, ended up wandering around town, shopping for maps water bag and supplies. Back at the hostel at 5 had time to talk to Suzanne, the warden. Being a dog walker, she walks at night in the dark on the seven sisters. Vernon came back for round 2. Another good debate joined in by another hosteller, Kevin.