Thank you to Mike,Chris, Gerrie,Steve and Emma for the big start. T Bone, was great. At 9 I could not believe I was on my lifetime ambition. Why do we need reasons to walk these amazing paths. Very grateful for all the best wishes and advice on the phone text. I plan to respond whenever I can but I need to keep up a rhythm. Decided at Gravesend to find a place to camp. A pub half filled the waterbag, they thought it would be good for wine. With this load being carried both hands in front, met a 77 year old gentleman.jellous I could do this but he had a metal leg. I then found myself following a group of teenagers for about 1 mile. They were heading for the ball court at the start of the Saxon Shore Way. When out of sight of the town , put the tent up ready to fight Eleanor.GR 677744

Day 20 miles, total 20 miles