I felt lonely last night. No one to talk or enjoy Folkstone with. The storm came through. I was cold in the room. At 1am, dug out my sleeping bag to make a duvet. The window had been blown wide open. Then I slept well. In the morning I found the radiator. Enjoyed the bath for 20 mins. This allowed me to pedicure my hardend skin feet. After I packed the ruck sack, could not find my handkerchief. This was a disaster. I use it a lot. Hate not breathing through my nose. I don't have enough pockets for disposables. Unpacked. Still missing. When all was lost, plans to go shopping in place. It was under the bed cover. Left at 9 as the wind had eased. Walking was now enjoyable again. After the storm the sea was majestic. Rollers came in against the wind so producing a back spray.

At. Littlestone met a couple. The gentleman took an interest in the ruck sack. He was using a support frame. Both were keen long distance walkers. The lady had done lands end to John O'Groats, and the pennine way 5times. They too have done the Saxon Shore Way in stages, from their home in........,. Welling, Bexley. They gave me a suggestion where to camp. But, this turned out not possible. Got to Dungeness at 3.30pm. very tired. Had tea in the Pilot Pub. Quite busy for a Thursday afternoon. On the wall was a large screen showing all channel shipping movement. I wondered if they took any notice of channel Swimming escort boats.

Walking my monk walk with water to find a place to camp. Buildings were sparce static caravans. I felt I was being watched. Then a police car drove past and 5 minutes later drove back. If it was me I would of stopped me. I must have looked unusual rucksack, carrying water. They drove past. Tried hiding the tent behind the light house, then saw night fisherman setting up. Continued and camped sea side of the nuclear power station wall. 18 miles. GR TR 086116 walk total 160.5 miles.