I slept very well. I had erected the tent on gorse.i could feel the prickles through the ground sheet. Hopefully, it is still waterproof. To save space in the ruck sack I put my vitamin bottle inside the hot chocolate powder bottle. Big mistake. The vitamins got stuck, and when I tried to shake it loose, the lid came off. Powder went everywhere. It's sticky when wet.

The wind had built up so carefully worked out how to take the tent down with out putting too much stress on the poles.

Awake at 5, tried to get out by 6.30. Dog walkers were active at 6. It was still dark. How do they track their dogs.? I had planned a long walk to Eastbourne Youth Hostel.Tried to follow the path nearest the coast not the shale path to the car park. My path took me up and down steep, slippery muddy paths. Not funny with a full backpack, and I no longer bounce. At one point I felt more skiing skills would have been useful, as I was sliding with parallel feet. It took me 2 hours to get to the car park I wanted to avoid. My path was diverted. The drizzle had set in for the day. However, I was proud I had done my best to keep to the closest path to the sea. I was thirsty as 3L was just short of what I needed.

Once on the coast got into a good pace The beach at Cooden looked familiar. It was the place I had taken D of E groups for beach games.

I was looking forward to seeing the Pevensey levels, but the drizzle made it a slog.

Needing a break, soaked, went into the Bay Hotel bar for a coffee. I also asked if there were any biscuit or cake. The barmaid went to see. She got a hand full of biscuits. When asked how much I owe? She waved my money away saying I looked like l needed the coffee. I was very grateful. Drying out in front of the fire, watching Cher on the screen, I had to force myself to get going again. For the next 3 miles I could not help thinking how nice that offer of free coffee was.

On the Eastbourne coast path, I had walked this with my swimming club, saw a poor cyclists on his side of the path, but a lady will a child in a sling, speaking on the phone, allow the dog on an extendable lead, walk in front of the cyclists. It looked wrong.

I was now on a mission. Thinking the road to the Youth Hostel was a main but unlit road, no footpaths, and I was all in black so could not be seen by motorists . I wanted to get there before dark. The road turned out with path, I got there before lights went on, but up hill at the end. 18 Miles GR 587990. I like Youth Hostels, warm, clean, people talk, make your own meals, and only £10, a night. Walk total 200.miles.