Last night slept better, had warmed up the room before bed. Experience is a good thing.

While waiting for the bus to take me back to the pier to restart the walk, Vernon kindly gave me a lift. Other than flat earth theory, we had a lot in common. Another good bye to someone I hope to meet again. The walk along the prom was a false sense of security. Beachey Head, and Seven Sisters was hard work with the ruck sack. A car passed by labeled Beachy Head Chaplin . Made me think people must go through hell to reach a decision all is lost. Where is my help for others? The weather was blue sky but gale force. There are more than seven hills. They were covered with worm casts which lubricated the ground.

Looking down on the Cuckmere river, thought it would be a rest bite. It was very muddy , slippery in places.

The vanguard way over to Seaford was softend by looking back when needing a breather. The view was picturesque. Then Seaford appeared in a supprised moment as I got to the top of the hill. In the middle was Corsica Hall. This is the residential centre I started my professional youth work. Oh.... the the memories came flooding back.

On the sea front sheltered from the wind, refolded the map. A walker had met earlier suggested I use the coastal path from Newhaven to Brighton.

Got to the Newhaven sailing club cafe just in time to avoid a squall. I only intended to have a tea but the chips looked too good to miss. Next to me was a gentleman who wild camp the coast to coast for his 60th birthday.

Nothing prepared me for the 'King of town hills'. It went up steeply for 1Km. The relief was looking back when I needed to rest, the view got better. At the top a sign greeted me with Brighton 8 miles. It was already 4 pm. The suggested path was slippery and it was getting dark. I chose to follow the A 259. Marched through rain, wind,and many temptation to get the bus. Not knowing I passed the OS map longitudinal line 39, the meridian. I am now walking further away from home. Training is over. Got to the hostel at 7.15. Ate,showered, and bed at 10.30, before any of the other 5 bed users, got back. I slept well. 25 miles

GR TV 312040 walk total 225 miles.