Out of the hostel at 8am, today was going to be flat walking. The prom to Hove was busy with runners, dog walkers, cyclists on a mission. I found myself following a dancer, going through a hard routine. Must be in a local show. What a good way to keep fit and agile. When I caught up she said she just enjoyed expressing her free spirit.

A runner next to a cyclists was so fast the escort looked in distress. Must have been doing laps as passed me several times.

Enjoyed a coffee break at Portslade, the only one in the pub. Phone home, and chatted with the bar staff good hour break.

Good thing about the walk is able to eat forbidden food like doughnuts. Sainsbury's are the standard, called in lidol, these are too light for me. The survey goes on.

Had to leave the coast at Fetting estate. The path were, muddy, low branches that are not nice to ruck sack wearing. Back to the beach at Rustington to a glorious setting sun.

Got to Littlehampton Youth Hostel at 4.50. to my delight the warden opened then. I was followed up the stairs by a family. The warden could not find my booking. A moment of apprehension. He was looking under the family booking file.

After shopping in Sainsbury's, found a Weatherspoons near the hostel I could have eaten there. Noted for breakfast. 18.5 miles, GR TQ 026019. Walk total 243.miles.