Even with wi-fi problems I managed to work out I could get the bus from Broadbridge, Chichester, to Portsmouth on Monday to see my son Chris for 2 nights, and give my knees a rest for a day. Once booked I had a challenge to aim for.

To minimise any disturbance to the others sleeping in my dorm, got up at 7.30 and had time to walk around Littlehampton. It's a beautiful little place on the River Arun. Another first,queued up for Weatherspoons to open at 7.50am on a Saturday. Good talking to locals in the queue. They knew Pagham Harbour well , which was where I was going to camp that night. While waiting for breakfast a local won £100, on the machine. After breakfast brought matches at Sainsbury's, the 4th place I tried. Then being after 9am, felt it the right time to get my things from the room, ensure I did not leave any thing.

The path across the golf course was tough, so started thinking of missing these paths in the future till March when I hope that they dry out. Walking with locals on the beach, the path was destroyed. They spoke about how the coast had been eroded by the last two storms. It appears huge chunks of concrete had been thrown about.

In Middleton, asked a local where the public toilet was, it was right behind me.

Excited about passing the Bognor Regis holiday centre, remembering a good holiday there and last year s stag weekend.however,it was windy and wet.....uggg.

Had a coffee in a pub at the end of Bognor, to the amusement of the staff and customers, some also knew Pagham Harbour.

At 4 found myself at the Crab and Lobster, they not only filled my water bags, but also did not charge for the coffee. I found carrying 3lt of water in each hand was balanced and comfortable. On my path I chose to camp, a bird watcher passed me, a quick chat.then he came back when I was putting the tent up. He spoke about missing his dog, enjoying kyacking as this was new and did not remind him of his dog. Unfortunately I had to shorten the conversation as I was loosing day light. It was great to be back in the tent. 14 miles GR SZ 86394. Big mistake was not rinsing out the bowls. The food tasted of methys. Walk Total 257 miles.