Out of the tent at 7am, calm weather. It got light as the tent came down so able to ensure nothing was left. The path was good to Church Norton. Just before the cemetery , a broken ridge tent was hiding in the trees. A bird watcher was in the car park, keen to get back to the hide. Again found tracks full of fly tipping. On the main road .....A.....Costa!!!!, Toilets, Warm, dry, and ..coffee, and the right time to phone Anne. Leaving at 9.30, ment I was in time to attend the church service at Saint Peters. A high church. Enjoyed being loud, proud of the words I sang albeit badly. And shareing my christian enthusiasm. Good talking to Fr Andy, what he ment when he wished blessings on me. I hate jargon. Gave them greetings from my church in Bexley. Armed with local info on paths I left, through the holiday resort to the sea wall. The path markers took me past a house with a dome telescope in the garden. Wondered if this was Patrick Moore old house.

Stopped for a tea at Bracklesham. The scone came with a plate of cheese and a plate of chuckney. How do you eat it?. What ever, I made a mess of it. It was easier to walk on the beach than the path. Filled up the water bags to find lots of taps for the next 1Km. Found a lovely camp spot on Lipchins Way. The night was windy. Being near the water , went out at 7pm, to check I would not be flooded. It occurred what would l do if I was? Prevention, I will keep an interest in tide levels and times.GR 782003. Day 14 miles. Walk total 271 miles.