The wind made sleeping difficult. This will mean I will find walking hard and balance a concern. However , took the tent down at 7. On the path at 7.30. Soon met a couple. The lady well in front of her husband said she walks because she is not very well. They were most helpful in suggesting paths that were good. Most important, just around the corner at the harbour office was public toilets, today will be a good day.. At 9 I like to call Anne. Good too sit and chat. Where are the benches when you need them ?

At the marina, 2 dog walkers confirmed the paths I wanted. I take back what I said earlier about dog walkers.

Reached Fishbourne at 10.30am. No. Coffee shop or open pub. Being tired and the state of the path. Decided to walk the road around the Bosham peninsula.. Music helped, found I could still do 1Km in 12 mins. Bosham Hoe is very remote huge houses. I was glad to get back to Bosham at 12.30. a cup of coffee then to the bus stop. 12 miles. The bus was at 1.18 so had time to get a paper and finger rolls to eat on the bus. The check out said she was climbing Snowdon in 3weeks.

The bus was on time. Cost was £4.80 each way. In Portsmouth at 2.20. with Chris at 4.30. for a good evening at Gunnwarf Quays. Day 13 miles walk total 294. Bus stop GR 811052.