Ellenor ls the barmaid from heaven, just hope she is not as violent with wrong customers as her namesake.it kept waking me up but the tent was fine. In the middle of the night I thought the tent was under a flood light. It was the full moon. I was glad I camped where I did as next bit of path was shingle.

Day 1 was 20 miles. Have not been that tired for a long time. Should have done more training. Knees were better but have soles of white blisters. Doug, I know what you are going to say. Jenny always said l go out to fast when training. Walk always starts, pigeon steps to half steps to 3/4 steps before the pain goes. Am looking forward to hard skin development.

Cliff Marshes is so remote. The wind was force 8 gusting to 10. Energy sapping. Decided early to camp just past Allhallows on Sea. At the end of the struggle I was only 2 K away, the tide had breached the path. Had to go another route...+4K. Although only 3pm got water from a gentleman working in his garage. He was very interested in my walk, however, he had not been on the Marshes at the end of his road for 20 years. Again did my monk walk with the water until I was out of sight. Still did 18 miles. Camp GR 855785 walk total 38 miles.