Took advantage of the hotel breakfast, £5.50, as much cereal, fruit, drinks, so filled my boots. Left at 9 as wanted to send maps and book back to Anne. In Portsmouth they hide the post office behind Debenhams. Trespass staff told me where it was. On the way, past Chris's road. Fought the incline to wake him to say goodbye. I was already missing him.

On my map the stop I wanted was near the word Broadbridge. The driver denighed the bus stop there. He called it Bosham. Finger on the map, scared of missing the stop, other passengers came to the rescue, he was getting off at that stop. There is a pattern forming. I should ask for help more, it will save a lot of time.

At Chidham heavens opened hail and wind and the foot path sign 3ft under water. High tide. Frantically put on my water proofs in some one's drive. The only place out of the wind. Also put the bag (I can be seen from miles) cover, better late than never. Then took the road route, glad Steve had previously agreed to this. A passing dog walker said, 'that was something wasn't it..,'

Trying to get back to the sea, ok, muddy path, not too bad, proud of ' I think I have the hang of this now'. Left foot slipped, I went over, hat flew off over the dyke into the stream, there was more brown mud than black on the water proofs. When I got the soaking hat back I thought it was funny. Out came the chin strap. I have the talent of choosing the muddy path when there is a choice. If I see the other path is ok, when I change it becomes the muddy path. Decided l like walking on dyke walls at high tide.

Named paths on the OS map are well maintained and well used. Great place to meet dog walkers for local info. Walked with one that came from, and missed ,Eastbourne, wanted to walk the South Downs Way, advise me to take the low tide path to the Hayling Island bridge. Good choice. Also spoke about camp places.

From my angle two men were walking to the middle of the lagoon mud, up to their waists. Dog jumping on the mud. They had rifles and were hunting. As I walked, wondered how good their aim was, saw they were walking on the river bed. I too did this on Kinder Scout peat bogs.

Decided to get water at the pub on the bridge. Helps to buy a hot chocolate before asking for the bags to be filled. Great conversation with a customer about my walk. Now I am upfront, what I am doing, why, where I intend to camp. Fear of being interfered with when camp is now gone.

Camp at SZ 712048, 11.5 Miles. The night of the super moon, spring high tide and I was camping with the dyke wall between me and the sea. High tide was at 11.40pm. Check the water at 10.30. all ok, back to the sleeping bag. Walk total 306 miles.