Found a room near the Southampton Central Station for only£25 including breakfast. Weatherspoons was only 10minute walk away. So last night enjoyed updating blog notes with Hobgoblin on tap. Usually it is coming soon or just finished. I now think I sleep better the cheaper the room. Had to stuff myself with the breakfast. The workmen , at breakfast, were more friendly than me. Where was my confidence?.

Compass worked! Instant settling. Off the main road, the direction was right, the bridge was on the map, but, the security barriers and fences around the container port made me suspicious. The security team confirmed I had taken the wrong turn. Back at the junction a McDonald's. Just in time for the calling in to Anne.

Following the roads in yellow on the map to walk closest to the water was a good call. A route of discovery. Hidden gems of picturesque harbour, marina and churches.

At walking away from Hythe, my phone recieved the text, due to me turning it back on, that my friend's son got the job. A real pickup in the grave yard hour.

Earlier than normal, due to the threat of rain, went into the pub to ask if I could use the outside tap to fill the waterbag. A local said 'wrong direction for Ben Nevis' , ' I have been thinking that since I started', my confidence was back.

Set up the tent in front of the power station at 3. 30pm. I was tired. Once up I was able to watch the ships go down the Solent, and talk to the dog walkers. This is what I have been missing up to now.

The new waterbag was great. 4 litre. Perfect for evening meal and breakfast, and easy carrying. Earlier spoke to a friend about short term memory loss. I was OK. Hung the bag in the tent, turn on the valve, turn off in the wrong direction, over flowed my cup all over my inner bag. This will be damp for the night. Mopped up best I could, next bowl, did it again. Felt silly, and damp. Glad I had an synthetic sleeping bag that is still warm when damp, Duck Down bags loose their warmth.

What am I enjoying on this adventure?, The walk is like a ramble, and I like to discover what is round the next corner.

Today's walk 16 miles, walk total 365 miles. GR SU 476025.