It was really cold. Leg raises in the sleeping bag must have improved my stomach muscles. Pole worked. Tent was icy on the inside. At midnight the stars were like head lights. Decided to keep my base layer thermals on.

Walking at 8am. The lack of sleep ment the walk would be hard. My friends Alan and Carol said the walk over the Salterns was good. That was an understatement. A walker said he was out early to beat the rain. What rain?, I was overheating. First public toilets. I had to take off the base layer. Public toilets have proven indespenceable. Save our toilets.... Save our toilets....

Lots of lycra runners.Jo had arranged accommodation that night with a swimming friend. Made contact and sorted arrangements at the Needle Eye Café. On leaving the cafe rain and wind started, not cold, not heavey but persistent.

The cliff top path became a quagmire, not good when tired. So chose the road. This was 40 and 60 mph road. Walked facing on comming traffic. Concentrated hard to ensure cars saw me in the heavy drizzle, and moved aside. I was glad to get off the main road.

Walked in to a pub dinner that was busy with Saturday lunch trade, looking like a drowned rat, but the soft chair next to the fire was empty. Close enough to the bar to order coffee with out getting up. It was hard to get going again.

Mis-read the map. The Chewton/ Bunny border looks like a railway. So missed the foot path. So walked 2 sides of a triangle.

Got to Kat's flat at 4. Thrown into the bathroom to get out of the wet clothes, then tea and biscuits.

We chatted all night. So much in common with channel Swimming stories, Joanne, her training and channel success, and Duke of Edinburgh Award.

The bed was perfect. Daily miles 18, walk total 404, GR SU 133919.