Slept very well. Must have been tired, but it didn't feel too tired when I turned in. Radio weather, internet weather was different. Didn't feel like fighting wind and rain.

Took advantage of leaving the ruck sack with Kat, walking around the Hengistbury Head then back for tea before starting out. What a pick me up! The contrast to Saturday. At the cliff top with amazing views of Bournemouth and Poole, the path was 5 meters from the cliff edge. In that strip of land were mole hills. Do moles ever tunnel out of the cliff? Also noticed the church chimes were 10 minutes late, never experienced that before. Back at Kat's saw weather for Tuesday and Wednesday was awful. No Youth Hostels, as group booking on days I would be there. Decided to go home from Wareham for a few days, then link in with Youth Hostels.

Bournemouth was busy, saw surfers, for the first time. First Cornish Pasty at The Pier. A huge black cloud was heading for us. No one else noticed. So put on my water proofs, and bag cover. Smug every one else will be soaked. Walked 1 mile, watching the Cloud miss us. I was the only one with full wet gear in blue sky and sunshine. Changed quickly.

The map indicated a good area to camp above Poole Harbour with great views of Brownsea Island. We had moored the boat there in 2016, and that September, swam round the island with Joanne. The area was like Danson Park, and very busy.

Eventually camped next to a lake at Rockley Sands. I had found a house with a out side tap, knock to ask if I could fill the water bag, the lady was so nice, enthusiastic about my walk as she filled the bag in the kitchen.

Daily miles 19, walk total 423, GR SZ 979908