Another cold night. Being near the lake hidden from the path, I was looking forward to a lie in. The cold encouraged me to get moving. I thought it was being close to the lake. The guy ropes were stiff. When packing the tent I half, half and over hand to shorten the guys to reduce tangles, also checking for fraying. When I got to the path, it was really icy. Crunchy grass. I did not think it was that cold. I had been lucky. Luck continued as frozen mud is less slippery. Walked through a eastate of medium houses all the same and some unmaintained, on the other side of the moor , nouveau construction. Felt like 2 worlds.

Walking over the mole hills next to the A35 amazed at the amount of clothing scattered around. Imagined people enjoy taking off clothing to throw on to the verge. What do they think will happen to it?

A351 long, tree lined, so enjoyed the MP3 player. Supprised how quiet the primary school was. Only when I got home , realized it was half term. Got to the station and only had to wait 10 minutes for the train. 7 miles, walk total 430 miles,