Wild camping allows me to start walking at 7.30am, usually to warm up. Walking towards the ferry, very north on Studland bay, saw a ship top, move past above the trees. Felt like war of the worlds. The vehicle ferry carried us to 2 sea swims, passed it on Quasar IV, watched it on the ferry to Brownsea Island, so had to photo it from the south to celebrate Poole Harbour done. Walking on Studland bay, an old gentleman walked with me talking about the problems the nudist were causing the police and other users, the D Day landing rehursals, the aquatic tanks that failed and on his advice I was pleased to visit the lookout used by Churchill, Monty, and other top commanders.

Got to Studland NT cafe at 10, just as it opened, perfect for the morning sausage sarnie. They lit a log fire, glass box with a chimney, not sure what it was for.

After breath taking view of old Harry, too warm for over trousers. However, on the path down to Swanage a fierce squall hit. 2 walkers wanted to pass while I put on the over trousers in the shelter of a bush on a very thin stretch of muddy path, a bit comical.

During coffee in Swanage, able to get on to the 1.25000 OS map of Multimap. This showed the springs at Dancing Ledge. The path was very slippery, due to the morning rain. Very slow, exhausting going. At 4pm, getting desperate I had not passed any water. A foul trickle on the path was considered. Then 5 minutes later the flowing stream, clear fresh, and tasted like nectar. I must have been really dehydrated, no wonder I found walking difficult. Filled the water bag. This is a time I like, all I had to do was look for a camp place. The water bag, although 4 litres, is ok for carrying, and enough for the night and morning. Found a perfect wild camp site out of sight above the path. Set up the inner tent to dry it out, able to sew up my waterproof and watch the sea. 16 miles, walk total 456, GR SY 998768.