Great night warm, flat and sea surf lulaby. After yesterday experience,l noted that rain was due about 10am, so planed to come off the coastal path at At Alban's Head. On the trail by 7.20. it was quite easy and dry. Winspit was an estate of caves, amazing.A backpacker in the other direction said I would miss some incredible views. He was walking from Lyme Regis, had camped at At Alban's Head, and was hoping to get to Poole. I thought this was a tough call but forgot about the ferry to Sandbanks. At 8.45 I was getting desperate for a phone signal. On reaching St. Alban's Head 9am a good signal. Pleased to let Anne know I was ok, as this is our agreement, and catch up on Joanne.

The track route was mostly good, passing sheep became really noisy, so kept walking. Some paths were impossible due to extreme deep mud due to heards going through gates, why can't walkers be given a dry route. Also a 'lake' boarded by bramble. I sometimes wonder if this is a ploy.

Found The New Inn pub, Church Knowle, for coffee. It was 11.45, so sat outside, until saw a family go in a side door. Inside the staff said I could only sit at the bar. The owner who was pushing the staff like a McDonald's manager, told me to take off my muddy boots and leave them in the store room. The floor had just been washed so my dry socks became soaked. The pub was packed. Then I realized it was Mother's day. The staff were engaging, but I felt uncomfortable, left quickly, boots and ruck sack put on out side, 50m down the road, I had left the tablet on the table. Do I ever learn? Next door was a tea room in the Animal sanctuary, this would have been a better and cheaper place.

It started raining at 2.30. I could have walked more of the coastal path, but the views from the ridge of the Purbeck Hills made up for it.

Got to the Youth Hostel at 3, able to leave the ruck sack, wow, the difference. Had time to explore the Lulworth Cove.

At 6.30 the only other guest arrived, we got on really well, great conversation over cooking.

Lulworth Cove YHA GR 831806, 17 Miles, walk total 473.