Last night in the youth hostel I did not have a radio signal. No relaxing before sleep, or early morning weather and news updates. Horrible. Brainwave, download the BBC app. I don't understand technology, it played the iPlayer from 5.20am when it was 6.45, then I couldn't turn it off. Hopefully I have now uninstalled it.

Felt like Lord of the manor. A scene from Downtown Abbey. Lone guest, being served breakfast. I could get used to this. Upset with the news Ken Dodd had died.

Left at 8.30, the hills were dry but very steep. I thought I would be fitter by now. Careful on the down slopes, but still able to slip at the bottom when I felt relaxed. Then at 10 light rain. Suddenly I was having troubles. That was it, new boots at Weymouth. Off the path at White Nothe. Also my legs were tired. A mile long grass track to the road cleaned my boots.

Guilt not being on the coast was gone when I saw the view from the ridge road.

Desperate for a coffee, rest, this time passed the first pub then found the dairy farm tea shop. Immediately felt at home, group discussion about taste buds changing with age, over the cheese samples. The waitress was interested in the walk, ruck sack gave it away again.she said there was a Mountain Wearhouse in Weymouth. On leaving spoke, to a couple finishing their lunch, every thing about coast walking. An hour after arriving I got out. A good rest.

At the first Weatherspoons in Weymouth, there are 4, £1.30 for coffee and free refills, used WiFi, found the mountain warehouse. I was impressed. Good selection, information,and the assistant was a hill walker. Walked out in my new boots. Tried to walk without scuffing the soles. I needed more concentration than doing breast stroke.

Walking round the harbour brought back wonderful memories of Quasar 4 moored 3 boats deep.

Road to Portland was a car park. Due to engineering works. Looking at how many people were using their phones melted the miles.

Had a great night at Portland Youth Hostel talking to everyone.16 miles walked, walk total 489. GR SAY 685739.