Just finished writing day32, when in walked Peter Mears, he was walking the coast, started at Dunnet Head last April and was camping every night. Although only 35, I am in awe, He has a face book The Pale Blue Dot, raising money for National Trust, RspB, and Renewable World. We had so much in common, spoke loads.

Had to walk back to Weymouth as needed maps. Should have brought them when I got my boots.,

Reached the coast at East Fleet, met 3 groups of retired walking from Abbotbury to Portland. All interested in my walk.

New boots worked really well. I should have changed the boots long ago. I enjoyed the east wind pushing me along.

After Abbotbury, decided to camp next to the river past West Boxington. The shingle was hard walking. Past a couple, the husband carry a life ring. He had found it, it was Dutch. They lived in Dorchester and had been on the road for 3 days. They advised that I take the road. Good advice. Got to the village of Swyre, the foot path was separated from the river by barbed fence. However, found a dry patch, and used puddle water that had just fallen and was flowing. If it is flowing it is ok for me, but, you decide.

Day miles 19, Walk total 516, GR SU 525874.