It rained a lot. Started after the tent was pitched, but stopped about 3. Also the sound of the waves on the shingle was loud. Up to find the tent surrounded by mud and water. The tent was ok. Good decision to camp on long grass.

Walking by 7.15 enjoying listen to Radio 4.

Bright blue sky made photos good, unlike yesterday very grey.

Boots really good but my legs. Was 19 miles too much? Today, was tough, both mentally and physically. But the hills were tough up and more down.

West Bay, Seatown, really picturesque. At Charlmouth the call of the camp site.£16, camp at 3pm and the town to explore after a shower. Every where was closed.Except, the royal oak.12 miles, walk total 528,GR SY 368 938.

Good conversation in the pub with lots of people with motorhomes.