Slept well I must have been tired.a bit concerned that another tent pole section had to be replaced. Packed and out at 7.40am. Tracey Kyte was right. Yesterday I started the walk listen to Radio 4 morning program. Felt down and spoke to Anne on giving up. Today no radio, felt much better and enjoying the ramble again, the big meal, 6 bakewells, and the pint could also have helped. Fern hill out of Charlmouth, would have been too much so again I chose the right place to stop. Hit Lyme Regis at 8.45, phoned Anne from the Costa at 9. This is good.

The 6 miles to Axemouth was a true adventure. Good paths, slippery paths, steep steps, and a climb through a fallen tree dragging the ruck sack. It was a real jungle trek. The walkers welcome sign was too tempting. An hour stop where I booked accommodation for Saturday and Sunday in the Sidholme Hotel, Sidmouth.

Found a burger bar on the Seaton Beach, the owner had only had the bar for 2 weeks. Spoke about pancakes and how to make a success. The burger was a bit greasy. If I was in that position how would I be different to make people want to buy from me?

A couple more steep climbs and a town called Beer. Another camp site, only £8, slowly putting up the tent, careful about the poles and spoke to lots of caravan residents about the weather. 13 miles, walk total 541, SY 227 887.