Forecast was the temperature to drop one degree per hour 5 C at 7am. So an incentive to get out by 7.40. the site was quiet. Quite excited to the hotel tonight. Wind was fierce, views were good but not to linger. I was following the Grisly Challenge getting more convinced it should be cancelled, a tough route, many trip hazard and I felt if there was a hold up, hypothermia would be a concern. Snow started falling at 11 on top of the cliff. Great conversation with dog walkers and a couple with 3 children on top of the cliff. Eventually, took the road to Sidmouth for the last 3 miles. Got there by 11.30, in need of a coffee and sausage sandwich.

Room, really basic for £25 a night was ready by 12.30. showered and felt a lot better. It has a swimming pool but I do not have trunks.

Really enjoyed watching the rugby, relax in the lounge talking to other residents, I am really enjoying the relaxing. I now know how to enjoy the adventure.