After looking at the map, well fed with the hotel breakfast, and, fresh from 2 days enforced not walking, I realized I could make it to Exeter and get on the train tonight. This would save camping near Exeter, getting up at 7 and getting the train in the morning. Challenge was on. Another bad idea in hindsight from my feet dept.

Leaving the hotel, several country dance group members said goodbye. Left the hotel being inspected by board members. Staff deserve to do well.

With in the hour the idea of taking up the offer of Steve, was he free to drive to Exeter to pick me up?.With in the hour Steve was on his way. The challenge was to get to Exeter by 5.

Budleigh Salterton and Exmouth have been spoken about in our family all my life. This was where our mum and brothers were evacuated to in the war. At last I was walking around the area. Very impressed with great paths to watch wildlife from.

Snow on the cliff top was still 1 foot deep. There must be a song, treading in other people foot prints.

Steve met me at Topsham at 4.45. Feet were justified in complaining.

Shared driving home on 303, and got back at 9pm.

Have decided to stay home till after Easter so will resume the walk on 5th April.

Today miles 14, Walk total 563.

I am very much indebted to Steve for driving all the way from Bexleyheath to Exeter and Topsham. And driving halfway home as well. Thanks Steve.