Hotel was ok. Dried out all equipment. When out of the rucksack it fills a small room. The night was spent catching up. Camp food in the room..yummmm.

Did not sleep as well as in the tent. Saying this to the Brooks Textiles CEO probably the reason for getting the sack in 1986. Enjoyed walking in the rain through Rochester where I met a fisherman expecting to catch whiting, high tide was 3pm it was 10 am.he had not read the tide times. Then on to Chatham and Gillingham, along roads that was well driven on route to Medway Park Swimming Center. Although listening to MP4 player made the miles disappear, it took some satisfaction from the walk. At Gillingham Reach rejoined the water edge. Slowly, but as fast as I could walk, overtook a mother and teenage daughter with 7 month old pup on invisible extendable lead. It must look I was stalking them and I could not do anything about it, this was repeated after I stopped to photo the scenery, I avoided a third time by gulping down the mars bar to keep in front.Riverside Country Park is a well thought out place for everyone. On Money Hill peninsula saw a house called Danson. A lady gave me some water. She had been there for 5years, no regrets. Re slung my ruck sack then on my way 2K later, trying to photo the vineyard ranch, no tablet. Panic. Need to buy another, phone Anne.......... Correct thing. Convinced me, progress was less important than trying to get the tablet back. Had visions of going all the way to Mars bar moment. In my panic my feet felt better, I was nearly running. 1st man I passed, yes he had seen it in the ditch below the bridge, I was spurred on. Next spoke to a dog walker, he handed me my tablet, he was in great danger of a hug from a stranger. He thought an off road cyclists had dropped it. I could not keep up to talk as now my feet resumed their complaining. So I did what I had to do...have a celebratory mars bar moment. Then met 1st man. He was pleased, spoke about his son also wanting to walk the Saxon Shore Way, the son works six months then does adventure of base camp of Everest, Mont Blanc etc Back at the vineyard finally took the photo. Now I pat my chest regularly to feel the tablet.

At the end of a day's walk, an hour before sundown, direction signs run out and compass bearing take you on a parallel route to a dead end, was not funny. Then back track to the path the sign was 100m down the road. I got to Lower Halstow at 4pm, car lights were going on. Walked all round the church and last wall found a tap..... hurrah. Half filled the waterbag, actually got it on the ruck sack so could walk normally to find a camp place. This turned out on the water edge 2m higher than the marsh. Battered down the dead bracken, out of sight from the road at tent height but in front of distant lights from Isle of Sheppy. GR 883683. Day miles 14.5 walk total 66.5 miles.