Heavy rain all night, glad I was in the campsite. Took advantage of no rush to leave so mended the water bag and cooker burner. Also found if I use more pegs the tent is more solid, learn something new everyday. On exit of the tent everything got a coating of red mud.

Out of the village the compass told me I was on the wrong road. Later the Same mistake gave me an extra 2 miles.

Met a retired gentleman just before Stoke Gabriel who was retired from job in London, moved back to Devon, enjoyed sailing,and next time I could camp on his 4acres garden, I wondered what his London job was.

Pasties are a must for lunch so spent an hour in Totnes.

Planed to camp near East Cornworthy, able to fill the water bag at the Carpenteroak timber yard, to find the bag still leaked. Relief the seal was mis- alined. Sun was comming out, views picturesque, missed taking a photo of a lamb standing on mum. The planned site turned out to be a sheep field, and I was star attraction. Fear of being moved on by a farmer, or the sheep chewing the guy ropes. Next place could be seen from the road, fear of being interfeared with by fun loving car groups, so found a muddy patch, in a tree clump. No leaves so should be OK., The rain was alright, drips from the tree were loud, bouncing off the tent like a drum. The noise made me turn up the company commentry of the Man City v Liverpool. 14 miles, total 627, GR SX 847541