Out the tent at 7.10. the call of Weatherspoons breakfast was great. Hills started immediately. However I enjoy the mornings. For the first time down to my tee shirt. Good to feed the midges. Got to Dartmouth at 8.50. perfect to call Anne at 9. No Weatherspoons. Instead found a great cafe, children colour books, rustic, friendly staff. They and customers were interested in the walk.good old ruck sack does it again. But no phone signal. On leaving they gave me huge slice of cake for the journey.

Felt strange talking to Anne across the river where I phoned her 3 days ago. I was in sunshine, Anne was in over cast. Dartmouth is so picturesque. However paid 20p for the toilet, inside was a queue, Needed money had to queue, this could queue for it town.

Locals suggested an alternative path. Really glad I took their advice. Great views.

Decided to shorten the walk as a camping and caravanning site was at Skipton Sands. Cost was only £6.40. thanks to Steve for suggesting membership.. perfect for drying out. This is the life, sun soaked warm tent, showers, finished at 2pm. A relaxed afternoon. The only shop in the village was a community shop 2 months in business. Village life saver in the snow. Miles 11, total 638, GR SX 825447.

Next few nights will be wild camping. So stocked up with supplies.