After updating this web, left the pub to get a phone signal. No credit. No ATM machines for the next few days. However virgin media text a website to top up credit. Outside the tent I saw a shooting star, was this a good sign?

In the morning, 1st idea to use the WiFi outside the pub as I had the password. Set up my outside office with passers by giving me odd looks, no connection.

2nd Idea, buy.s days WiFi at the campsite using power in reception. Again open plan working. The virgin website was no longer used.

3 idea, get Anne to go to an ATM at home. This was back up.

4th idea, from the camp staff, phone and pay by card. Success. Noted for the future.

Started walking at 10.30. Passed the memorial tank at Torcross, and enjoyed coffee at Beesands. The waiter said the next bit of coast path was the best in the world. He was right.

I planned to camp near Pigs Nose as the river would be a good water supply. This place was perfect I could have climbed high and camped out of view, looking at the sea. Getting there at 3pm on a glorious day. I decided to walk on.

I saw a good place would be past E. Portlemouth. The path next to the stream did not exist after 16 miles I could not go on. Followed a path on the tidal zone, jumped 2 streams, I had to camp on a slope, behind a ditched boat after climbing my first fence. Really looked forward to the tent. No phone signal, and no power in my Radio and the solar power charger that had been in sunlight all day had not charged. 16 miles, total 654, GR SX 771 389.