So bored keen to get up and out by 7pm.

Back tracked to the road as tide was out. A dog walker said if I went back to near where I camped, I could follow the tidal path to south pool. So that was what the red dots ment.

South pool is an award winning village, 2 miles on and at Frogmore I was able to call Anne. Speak to someone, mental stimulation how exciting can life get.

No way did I want to camp with out radio. The power problem would also mean l could not charge the phone. I decided to try and get home and sort things out.

At Kingsbridge I passed the information office. They were really helpful. Phoned the travel agent who was up a steep hill, held my rucksack while I arranged bus transport, and when I was waiting for the bus, came out to tell me my bus was due an hour later.

Left Kingsbridge at 11.30, got home at 10pm. Coach was ok, next time, book coach to Heathrow and tube it to Greenwich.

6 miles, total 660, GR SX 735440 BUS TERMINAL.