Friday night at a camp site, people turn up late for the weekend and first night they do not sleep. But it was a happy sound, talking and laughing. Nearly as good as the ocean to sleep to. Keen to keep the radio charged so left it charging while I showered and decamped.

Left at 7.30, I wanted to get 5 miles to Thurlestone to the burger bar recommended by Mort. Much cooler than Friday, it was a good call to rest, so I could have a good day Saturday. Lots of people stop to talk about my walk. Just before the bay it started raining. I had decided always waterproof up an protect my note book and wallet. Experience is a good thing. The burger bar was not open yet. disappointed but it was raining.

Walked past the place I had identified to wild camp before the campsite got me, it would have been a nice place.

Navigation error caused an extra mile.

After Aveton Gifford, the climb was really hot. Decided to stop for my pint of water and mars. 20 minutes later felt great, even the ruck sack felt light.

Disappointed that the pub at Bigbury was not there, as had planned a recharge stop.

Passed a campsite before Bigbury on sea. Proud I fought the urge.

It was great seeing so many people enjoying the good weather on beach. Noted the tide was low.

There were major climbs before River Erme. I felt good but knew I would pay Sunday. A thunderclap and hail improved my waterproofing time. I was also carrying 4 litres of water from what I thought was a good source, the taps on the cattle trough. At the River the coastal path uses the low tide to cross the river. Looking at the tide times, it was exactly low tide. Off with boots and socks, I was proud wadding up to my shins. This impulse saved me 10 miles walk to the bridge.

Now I was really tired and needed to find a place to camp. On route a mum was explaining to her children why I had a ruck sack. She was a dead ringer of my neice Kate Lane. In desperation camp just off the path in the woods on Owen Hill. 17 miles, walk total 690, GR SX 612474.