The hostel was exactly what I needed. Felt much better in the morning. A real time warp, retro, place. But very clean. Met a middle-aged couple,came from Normandy France on the ferry and were cycling to Exeter. My room mate was Mekel and we had a good chat. From first impressions the hostel grew on me.

The rain was consistent, so first stop was the Weatherspoons, this morning the WiFi was not working.

The short day,9 miles was roads, in mist so listen a lot to my music , and missed my turn. I found myself walking 3/4miles on the hard shoulder of the A 38. Relieved the bridge had a foot path.

Entered Cornwall at 12.21. in saltash stopped for coffee at the Baker's Coffee House, attracted by the free WiFi. Here I discovered that I had no chance of making it to Turo, the weather on Friday and Saturday was horrible to be on the cliff top. So the next 2 miles planned to continue to the coastal path at Cremyll, but ferry back to the hostel and return home by coach on Thursday. Then when I return I can stay again at the hostel and ferry to the coastal path.

10 miles, total 730, GR SX 362616 Dolbeare Camp Site.