Last night the tent broke, fixed it easily the floor heated toilet made an excellent work shop. Set the tent up next to the chess game. This is something I always wanted but too big and too expensive for our garden, dream on.

Left at 8am, beautiful blue sky, this makes so much difference to yesterday. Walking on roads with high hedges was compensated by my MP3 player. Enjoyed the music so much I missed a turn adding an extra 1/2 mile.

I had planned to walk the shortest route between river crossing, then drueling off coffee at St German, then realized it was not on the route.

Saw my first bat near Sheviock.

Got to Anthony after 3 hours walking, the shop that looked like a coffee shop was a picture frame shop.

Desperate to avoid the cliff hills, chose a footpath short cut. Naturally the directions stopped and I found myself in a ploughed field with a working tractor muck spreading towards me. Saw the farm house and legged it, passing the cow shed amazed how big the calfs were already.

Taking the small road to Millbrook, the road was really tiny , reminded me of school comprehension about how Cornwall was not originally designed for tourists.

At last found a rustic cafe, but left disappointed they over charged me.

By the time I got to Cremyll ferry, I was wrecked. 14 miles Total 745,

It was not my day for money matters. At the coach station I was chargedĀ£5 more than the on line price.