Awoken by a loud dawn chorus, with a bird so song I have never heard before. Flat ground makes a good sleep. Left at 8 but soon the sun was hazey and humid.

At Looe found a cafe just opened, soon it was full. When Anne called I had to speak quietly, yes I can do it on occasions. A few minutes back into the walk I was stunned how beautiful Looe town centre was. The walk to Polperro was good, after Polperro it was hard. Polperro has the narrowest streets. Thinking enjoying my first cream tea in Cornwall, what if a new town had such streets would they have the same character.

Met a family from Bromley wanting to know about good walks in Kent. Pleased when I got to Polruan. 13 miles Walk total 775, camping at Polruan Holiday Centre £8, gr SX 132509.