A thought to make money, I am able to judge when to turn around for approaching cars from behind. But electric cars are silent. So cyclists, road walkers could use glasses with mirrors, using one way screen would create a fashion. Pedestrians could see what is approaching from behind.

I needed to change compass as the old one was slow in settling down, and unreliable. My spare is so much quicker and decisive.

A group was in the crown yesterday pub crawl the saints way so I knew the path would be recently used. Met a couple in Golant, a really picturesque village, walking back to the church to collect the car left at Saturday's wedding. The man had done the coastal path.

Dave Kane was right, Fowey was beautiful. Glad I spent an hour there.

The coastal path to Polkerris was not steep. A good walking day

Day miles 12, total now 796, camping attached Penhale farm SX 103525