Eden Valley, was too flat, I did not sleep well. Penhale farm, the slope was too much, but as we get older experience takes longer to work.

I had always planned to visit the Eden Project, giving it a whole day. Booked 2 nights at the YHA campsite. Total cost £20.50 camp and breakfast. Bargain. Knowing the short walk,4 miles, got up late. Read more of my book I borrowed from the camp site. When I did take the tent down the pole broke along a fracture leaving a shared of pole slashing the tent pole sheath. It could not have happened at a more perfect place. View of the sea,sun, warm and good music. I enjoyed the repair even knowing I was entertaining the other campers.

Enjoyed talking to the couple from Gorran Havan who were interested in the walk and my career. I hope to meet them again at the cafe on the beach where they work.

Got to the Eden Project at 12.30, parked the ruck sack in the locker and toured the park. 4 hours gave a good introduction to project. Now not too sure if I need all day Tuesday.

Gr SX 047551, 4 miles.total now 800 miles.