How can I be so worried about a poorly tent?, But I was. Pleased how the repair stood up. Another learning curve. Close the air vent to stay warm (3am). With in 20 minutes of starting out, path and compass bearing was different. Always told others to go back to where they could confirm location. Glad I took my own advice. The correct path was a minor path. Impressed to see a hi-vis walking in Faversham at 8 am on a Sunday morning. Got back to Faversham at 10. The path follows a 'W' route. Not fair, standing out side the historical brewery and having to walk past. On the hard a cafe opened. Tea, a sandwich and........... wi-fi. Happy Tony. When I hit the coast I was aware this was a mile stone. I was next to beaches and full on waves pushed by the NE gale. I could see Whitstable. Also, I am now on my 3rd map. Turned on my phone at the Neptune pub to call my friends Val and Ian who offered me a place to stay. My phone came alive with your text. Every one was great to read. I wondered what the crowds thought of this wrinkly with I'll fitting ruck sack hobbling after each stop. The waves continued to be impressive. A wind surfer was flying, then fell off on the turn. Glad everything was ok as did not want to be part of a rescue Poor Ian got an enthusiastic talker while we walked back to the house, Val was talking photos which hope to add to this blog. Felt human after a shower and in lent clean clothes while mine were being washed. Photos of me in Rupert the Bear trousers are not available. Together we planned it was a perfect time to take a few days rest to sort out the irritations. 18 miles GR TR165674 Walk total 102.5.