Sad to leave Boswinger Youth Hostel with everyone so friendly. Today was going to be tough. Not helped by light rain in the afternoon. Glad I planned the 12 mile day. Nare Head has a bunker. In the war it directed pyrotechnics to give German bomber the confirmation they had successfully bombed Falmouth. Then it became a nuclear bunker for 3 officers for 3 weeks.

The camp site camp not too soon. Each camp is different. The couple gave back Packers a welcome cup of tea. While drinking the lady was called out by the coast guard, so walked out in her jump suite and gear. Later she said it was a walker who broke their wrist.

Tried calling Anne, the phone did not connect. Assumed it was my phone signal. Walk to the pub, brought a pint still no signal, I was even encouraged to donate to the charity box to charge the phone. Out side still no connection even with 3 bars. Phoned the technical help. Said nothing wrong from their check. Test called my brother Mike.Phone worked ok. Good chat he tried to call Anne, then told me he got the engaged signal. My phone was now battery dead. All because I assumed my mobile was at fault not our home land line.

12 miles, total now 828, SW 875348