Due to my ambition not to use ferries, I had to walk through Truro a walk of 17miles. Left Treloan campsite at 7.10am. I should not be surprised anymore seeing spectacular views on my inland divisions, but I was.

One road turned out to be a farmer's tractor run, deep tread and over grown with plants chest height. My fresh washed clothing was well pollenated, I was the biggest bee that day.

At Truro I was on my last legs. Thank God for Weatherspoons. £6.19 for burger and chips and coffee, plus water. After refuelling and recovery over an hour, the last 4 miles was easy. I must give myself a good lunch break in future. Am looking forward to returning to Truro when Welling play there.

Have now planned camp sites and youth hostels till Thursday when I will walk on from the Lizard.

17 miles, total now 852, SW804404. Cornon Down Campsite.