On 9th June, I had intended to camp at a small farm, for camping and caravanning club members only. Got to the coordinates, nothing. A young couple thought I ment Carnon Down. They were looking for the pub I had passed. We were standing out side the farm. When I entered no one was around. Found motorhomes, but no showers or toilet block after waiting for 20 minutes decided to go to Cornon Down. Then in the information room, the couple came in. We chatted for 30 minutes about everything. Loved it.

Got up late it was Sunday and no point getting to Falmouth before the shops open. Left at 8.45. At 9 thought about the swimming crew at the lido starting the training.

The roads had a warm relaxed, everything is ok feel. Blue sky helped. On the outskirts of Falmouth a Lidol appeared. Sunday shopping, in a supermarket, with a full ruck sack and not knowing where things were was not a good Idea. When I stopped I had a near mis with shopping trolleys. Still no dehydrated curry.

In Falmouth, again made the mistake of the first cafe, later in the town were much better places. Topped up with supplies.

Saw the marina where we left for Spain 2 years ago.

The walk to the campsite seemed hard. I had passed the RNLI castle 2 castle swim. At the camp site got to know a German couple from Bramun.

I was tired as the walk was 13 miles on top of Saturday's 17. I was really annoyed that I could not text anyone.

Total 866 miles, Tregedna Fm , SW 785305.