The annaversary of Grenville. Steve and I were at Black Sail Youth Hostel last year.

Storm Hector concerned me. High wind pushes the ruck sack and off balances, it would give my knees something else to complain about. Once I decided to start on the road I was happy.

As the wind increased I had to close the window. The light house shone the light from above my room out to the sea.

Left at 8 am. In Lizard the pupils were waiting for the school bus. What happens if someone has detention, or does after school sports?.

News for Anne was I will attempt the final push to Lands End on Sunday, and get the coach home on Monday.

Portleven Sands were soft an really energy draining with a ruck sack. There was a lot of earth moving due to storm damage. Also a great division. This was annoying being a great dog leg then no signs.

Brought an Ann's pastie. So far the best in my opinion.

Wrecked at the camp site. Then worked out 14 miles, total 916, SW 627263.

The bar on site is really friendly and am enjoying Spingo beers, sleep well tonight.