I could not get a bed in Penzance Youth Hostel until Saturday. Therefore the plan was to have 2 days of short walks, then the big 13 miles of rough path to Lands End on Sunday.

After the good beer and company of last night I was in no hurry this morning. My camping neighbour had got back at midnight. He would ask a question about the walk, then after a few minutes would think up another question. Each time I would have to ask him to repeat the question. Must get my hearing tested.

Settings up was another coast path walker, I was impressed how good his one hoop tent looked. However, it could only stand up to 40 mph winds from one direction. I was then glad I had my geodistic design that stood up to storm Elenore. He was planning a rest day.

Portleven is another place I would like to return to. Market stalls, picturesque, good beer and a football team.

Passing the old Tin mine, I was called by a hosteller I had met at Boswinger. He had toured the mining exhibition, so told me about how they worked. His wife was recovering from a twisted ankle. This could happen to me if I am not careful.

The path connecting the coast path to the camp site at Kenneggy was steep, narrow and overgrown. I will have to be careful on the decent tomorrow.

Got to the campsite at 2pm. Chose a book, and actually enjoyed, lying in the tent, relaxing my knees, reading, dozing, and listening to the radio.

Really enjoyed the Portugal v Spain football game on the radio.

When writing up my diary my Parker pen refill ran out. This is the 2nd refill I have used up with this pen. I had had the refill for 4 years and had brought it in Germany. 6 miles, 922 total, SW 562286.