I slept really well. Proud of my preparation for today's push for Lands End. I left half an hour later but enjoyed the breakfast conversation with James and Emma. Normally I didn't worry about departure except today I could get my photo taken at the Lands End post.

Felt good when I left. The weather had turned really damp. Foggy glasses. I am sure mum brought us to Newlyn in 1965. The light house seamed so much smaller now.

At Mousehole, a kind lady advised me where the path was and to be careful in damp slippery conditions. Talking to other hikers, I had the impression it was all steep stairs that hurt knees, especially with 4 1\2 stone on the back. Every easy bit of path was taken as a bonus, looking back my fear of the path was worse than the real path.

The trouble with drizzle foggy glasses which makes sure footing difficult. But it does give you a reason to keep going.

Two people told me about the boulders near Porthcurno, I got to the beach then I saw what they ment. I had impression of 6 ft boulders, these were the size of beach balls. Also girtstone so good grip.

I was keen to see the open air theatre, but there is now a charge of£5. Decided to carry on now desperate for a coffee. My dream came true at Porthgwarra, and a water tap. It also marked the end of steep steps.

Lands End was achievable, even though I got the feeling the land was elastic and streaching away from me. I got to the sign post at 4.30pm. the photographer was still working. The photo was taken with the white out behind, typically, in the hotel bar while texing every one the weather cleared. The WiFi was unsecured so my website did not open. Therefore I could not update the map.

At 5.30, walked to the campsite. It was closed. Next campsite was 3 miles away. Also the way i read the bus to Penzance time table, I would have to get the 7.15am bus.

Dcided to get the taxi to the Penzance Youth Hostel. On arrival, proud of myself, Emma was still there so after dinner had a beer and chat. Erith to Lands End done, home tomorrow

16 miles, Total 944, Lands End SW 342250.