It has been 7 weeks away from the coastal walk, in that time I helped take swimmers to Holland, 2 weeks with Anne's sister and brother in law, took up the hobby of garden furniture making and 2 birthday parties, so now feel healed to attempt the north coast of Cornwall.

From Penzance Youth Hostel to Lands End, 9, miles walking on the road does not count. It was low misty and humid, fogged up glasses, just as I left 7 weeks ago.

The one other problem with this weather, bramble scratches on my arm seeped blood over my arm. Forgot about this until at the hotel reception, Lands End, using the WiFi, the receptionist got worried. An assistant wanted to bandage the arm. Only after I washed the arm, Dyson Air Blades are useless at drying arms, did they see it was a tiny scratch.

The Cornish Pantry was great, £2.50 for self service coffee, therefore I had 2 and a hot water, good value for my hour rest. Busy efficient, self service cafe, but people looked stressed. I cannot work out what changes to make.

I had 4 hours to walk 3 miles, so stopped at a table at Sennen to enjoy my bread pudding from home, and lighten the load. Enjoyed watching the surfers.

Later further on the path needing to stop to cool down, watching a surfer in the green waves just sitting on the board. I thought they were ment to ride the waves.

Day total 5 miles from Lands End., Walk total 949, SW 364305. YHA Lands End.

One thing I love about Youth Hostels is the free food left by departing guest who cannot carry it, have just enjoyed a coffee cake under a help yourself note.