Amazed how well I slept, it was good to be back in the tent. The coastal path was on the dunes. They are covered by anchoring plants but the path was loose sand. Only took a short while to go for the beach. Tide was going out so sand was firm and flat. Perfect, huge beach few people. Surfers,dog walkers, keep fit runners and me. Actually there were 2 other back packers. Boots were good through the retreating tide streams.

On top of the cliffs the path allowed me to look around while walking. Spoke to lots of people, some local, holiday makers from Canada and Australia, Germany, and wildlife watchers. A couple showed me the seals in the cove below. Signs told us to be quite and speak in whisper. At the café a couple said the seals were not there earlier.

Got to Portreath just after 1, the post office was closed 1 till 1.30, the café next door was useful as also had WiFi.

To absorb 3 hours found the waterside pub. A bit of a dive beer was out of date, but met my need. The batman after eventually settings up the WiFi shared lots about living in Cornwall, the storms in recent years, mining tours and footpath. It was clear he was not busy.

The 1 1/2 miles to the hostel was a good walk. The best thing about this hostel was the kitchen.

Day 9 miles, total 983, youth hostel SW669443