The night had been interesting listening to a family with the loud dad saying " I didn't do anything." Many times at different levels of volume.

It was also quite windy.

Listening to the news I found the left earphone did not work. It became a problem when the interviewer was on the right earphone and the interviewee was on the left.

Although early, found a great spot to phone Anne. Bench, view and sun.

After meeting a walker who looked a bit like Richard Attembourgh spoke about walking to Newquay and getting the bus back up the coast. The bus connected Padstow and Newquay. This could be an easy way home.

First opportunity for a coffee was Morgan Porth. Decided to not dive into the first watering hole, but look around. The place I chose, served a great pastie but half a cup of coffee in a paper cup,and seating was out side. However, I enjoyed overhearing a dad with 2, 3 year olds. His way was brilliant in enthusiasing excitement in the children with food, singing and planning the day. The mum joined them in her wet suit, again enthusiasm in everything. They departed for the beach before I got up, with regret that I could have been like that with my children.

The scenery was picturesque, lots of couples walking the easy path. Regretfully I had no one to share this delight.

The campsite at Harlyn Bay was £15, my pitch was a long way from the facilities, but I was depressed to see a lot of litter laying around.

Found the bar large, empty, dark in preparation for the cabaret and loud. So sat out side to write up my notes. Listening to a family critical of last night entertainment.

Pleased I had done 14 miles taking my total to 1020. The site was grid reference SW871755.