I intended a lie in as the walk was short and easy, and I had done well the last couple of days. The radio reminded me it was the anniversary of 9/11. Flashbacks galore of that event in history.

A very warm damp, misty day. When I took the tent down it was a dry interlude. Celebration, my inner tent was packed dry.

At the coast the tide was in. Impressive Cornish waves. Damp smooth rocks were very carefully negotiated. I felt really tired. A sign, 'take a rest' so I did. The café was in a front garden, served through a window. Only the women's table were talking.4 couples were on different tables in silence. I put it down to the grey weather. Eventually I spoke to a couple from the Lake District. They lived in Ambleside which I knew well.

At Padstow the path leads direct to the information center. I found I could get a coach to London from Wadebridge, easily accessible by bus. At the pub, coffee cake and WiFi. Booked the coach. It took an hour as I replied to my emails. I felt a lot better. Then I worked out I had time to walk to Wadebridge. This made everything a lot easier. The Camel walk was a dream. 5 miles in 1 /2 hours. Regrets of booking the coach.

The campsite was really friendly. Great chat with the owner. This will be a great place to start the walk next year. I had walked 13 miles, the total now is 1033 miles, grid reference SW997736.