Woke a few times with ideas for the tablet. Ate as much as I could for breakfast, then decided to refresh my tablet to factory settings. Still did not work. My Apollo 13 Luna module was my Nokia 1.

Felt really good back, blue sky, easy roads. Just off the main road was a Better leisure centre. I had not brought my membership card. An idea could be use my membership for free showers when wild camping, then great view of the sea when I got to Rock. It was a long time ago when I was the other side of the water in Padstow. Found a pub called the mariners. 2 glasses of water and a cup of coffee lasted 1 1/2 hours trying to get on the web..The Southwest coast path was dry easy progress was made, talking to everyone I passed. Decided to fill the water bag at 3.30 as I did not want to wild camp in view of the town. After3.30 no streams. Quite desperate at 4 found a puddle, the running water off the puddle was too small to draw off clean water. Just about to leave, tried, with success, to use the cup to fill the bag. At 4.30 had found a place, off path so a lie in.tent was up by 5. Was so careful with the poles relieved when no break age. 15 mile's camp wild at Com Head SW 940804.. total miles for the walk 1048.