A good site reasonable radio and phone signal. Glad I had brought a book to read as this helped me to wind down to sleep. Worth carrying the weight. Laid in till 8, black on the walk at 9.The night had been an astronomers dream. In addition cloud cover in the morning so not too cold. Carefully too the tent poles down. Another success.. I had been warned by Rob and Lorraine the path were steep, plus 4 stone ruck sack.It took ages to get to Port Quin. Only a hotel so did not stop. Stopped at the Golden Lion pub in Port Issac. Food was too expensive. After, with the sun out tried to put the solar panel on the ruck sack. Eventually this worked. At 3 found a flat land next to a river. Spotted it, before descending, so told Anne I would not have a communication signal. . I could only manage 7 Miles. Lots of nice people wanted to find out what I was doing. Camped at Ranie Point SX 025817. With my MP4 and book, no phone or radio for the night was OK. Found I had brought the wrong map after Total for the walk 1055