It was really windy on top of the hill. Gusts with heavy rain. At 8 pm I was convinced the poles would snap. Tried to work out what I would do. Then it calmed. The rain occasionally came down hard. The tent did me proud. On the track at 8.20. , Felt better than expected, after the long walk and little sleep.. Phoned Anne at 9. We had both been looking at the weather for Saturday.and agreed to hotel it. At Crackington Haven booked a room in Bude. Had to climb the next hill to get the confirmation email. Then looking at the map saw the distance was shorter than expected to Bude. I was on for 3 short days. From a clifftop, sat on a safe ledge and organised a camp site for an early stop on Friday. Disappointed the eco campsite was closed.

I like to camp next to rivers so I don't have to carry the water far. Identified the river near Chipman Strand. As expected no phone signal or internet, but FM radio worked. It was only 2 pm Anne had been told about the possible lack of phone signal. Sited the tent to avoid the horse track but still had a view of the sea. Time was available to dry the tent. Listened to every news on radio 4 and my download Thirteen Minutes to the Moon. Read my book. It was OK but now looking forward to Sunday to get to Biddiford as quickly as possible. Steve said he could rescue me on 2nd but hopefully the coach from Biddiford is achievable. Tent pitched SX 157 955, 5.5 miles, Total for the walk 1068miles.