As I took the tent down at 7.30 am, a couple were carefully descending my next ascent. I met them at the bottom. Pleased my packing of the ruck sack went smoothly. They had camped in a field at the top and had started 1/2 hour before.They must have decamped in the dark. Going reverse directions, we were able to give advice on recent experiences. The hill was ok, at the top I realized what I enjoyed about this walk, feeling good and the view. The expected rain did not materialize until I had put on the solar panel. It was light rain.In the cafe at Black Rock, Widemouth Bay, I felt cold and damp. This changed quickly when I came out into sunshine.

2 people were interested in the walk for different reasons. It is great sharing and meeting such people. Finished my walk at Upper Lynstone Campsite. Great view of Bude. Regretfully my tent is in the shade, empty pitches were basking in sunshine. Now with great respect for the tent I put the tent up., I noticed a fracture crack on a section. Pleased how quickly I replaced it with my spares, I now have 3 left. In the hotel tomorrow I will check the other poles. Distance today 6.4 miles Total project 1073miles camp site SX 204 054.