Almost an interim day. Up at 8, shower, I wanted to make max use of the campsite. Had to leave at 10. I found another crack so will sort it out in the hotel. The coastal path has been altered due to coastal erosion.Watching the waves I can see why. Found another trig point, sheltering was Harry from Reading, like me trying to make something from the year of lockdown. Chatted for 10 minutes. Then found the Compass Tower.Watched the surfing school in the water, also beach spectators running away from the tide. The surf school reminded me the last time I was here, Joanne and I joined the class and I was able to stand up.Then passed the Adventure International School that a work colleague and I tried to raise funds to take a group of young people. Then found the hotel. Bude is full of tourists. All trying to get out of the weather.i am soaking up time in the Globe. Pub making 1 pint last 3 hours. Annoyed to find from my Sainsbury's reciept i had been charged twice for an item so went back. No problem getting my money back. Then got to the Edgecombe Hotel at 3. 30. My room had a good view of the Sainsburys. Once showered , changed and watered stayed in bed watching the 6 nations rugby and films. Distance walked 1 mile project total 1074 miles